Missions In Action

Samson Rajkumar was our guest speaker last Sunday. Samson is an Apostle with Mission in Action spreading the Gospel around the world. Mission in Action is one of the ministries that Lighthouse Fellowship of Friends supports through our missions ministry. Speaking with Samson, looking over the Mission in Action web site, and attending his message reminds me of how good we in the United States have life. We are free to choose our government, our religion, and to read our Bible. This is not true of many places in the world. We are immensely blessed by God and I believe we often take this for granted, but we don’t have to. While it is probably outside your comfort zone to strike out on a mission trip, you can participate with contributions to Lighthouse Fellowship of Friends Missions or directly to Mission In Action. This money will be used to provide Bibles and lessen suffering.

Contributions can be made through Lighthouse Fellowship of Friends Paypal Account, or Through Mission in Action.

If you would like to listen to Samson Rajkumar his message to our church is posted here:


Edward Robinson is a Steward at Lighthouse Fellowship. He is also a father, husband, and stumbling but persistent follower of Christ.