The New Year

When the new year rolls around we all inevitably start to think of what we want to change in the new year and the tradition of New Year Resolutions comes to mind.  We always consider a few things first like how to grow our fortune, how to lose a few pounds, and perhaps to lose some habits we don’t like.  This year challenge yourself to some goals that will strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

New Beginnings

Last year, 2019, was a year of “New Beginnings” and the restoration of “David’s Tabernacle”.  Our congregation was thoughtful and diligent in seeking the Lord, and we witnessed spiritual growth in the members which we expect to grow further.  This last year alone we experienced water baptisms including our Pastor Jim Barclift, and we continued to teach in the area of the “prophetic.” The gifts of the Spirit will continue in the year 2020 in learning to hear the voice of God, and we have a renewed commitment to improve our daily life to walk with Jesus. Be in prayer for the coming year.


Resolutions are personal and should not be taken lightly as we often try to jump hurdles too high and become discouraged.  I am inspired by our Pastors suggestion of the resolutions of Jonathan Edwards.  Jim Barclift also suggests the following goals for the new year.  Some will be difficult to jump into and may require adjustments in your life which are overdue.  Consider these goals as you prayerfully consider all your goals for the new year:

  1. I will read through the Bible this year.
  2. I will pray every day for family, friends, church, city, and nation.
  3. I will walk in Holiness.
  4. I will memorize at least one scripture verse each week.
  5. I will take care of myself physically.
  6. I will speak about God to someone each day.
  7. I will seek to share my faith weekly.
  8. I will disciple at least one person this year.
  9. I will commit to missions this next year.
  10. I will honestly evaluate the church’s growth this next year.
  11. I will intentionally encourage other believers and church leadership.
  12. I will hold myself accountable to someone for these commitments.

Happy New Year

Any day can be a day of new beginnings when you ask Jesus for forgiveness and decide to walk off the path of your old life and move to a path closer to Jesus.  January 1, 2020 can be your day of new beginnings and the day you take steps in that direction.  If you need or want fellowship on your journey come visit Lighthouse Fellowship Church and let us walk together.  May you have a wonderful and blessed new year in the Lord.