Revenge is defined as “an act or instance of retaliating in order to get even.”  Have you ever wanted to get even with someone for some perceived wrong?  As an example, we see the desire to get even in the form of  “road rage,” neighbors fighting, and other situations.  What these people are wanting is not revenge; but, justice.  Let me assure you that justice is coming. A synonym for revenge is vengeance.  For the Christian, we are to trust God as our judge who will issue righteous judgement.  

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Hebrews records, “For we know the One who has said, Vengeance belongs to Me, I will repay, and again, The Lord will judge His people. It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God!”  Hebrews 10:30-31 (HCSB)

Today, trust God, for He is our righteous judge.

Be a Blessing

Remember God Loves You and I Do Too.

Mom, Granny, Sharan

Jesus is calling you – come to Him by faith.

Sharan Robinson

I'm a retired Registered Nurse, who has a love for Jesus and for sharing His word. My passion is for the Lost to Know Him as Savior and Lord. I have been writing my Morning Thoughts now each morning for a couple of years. I hope God will use them to Bless you and others with His Word.