Mission to Guatemala

Mark 16:15
He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

At 6:15 A.M. this morning I dropped Olivia off at Houston Intercontinental Airport for her mission trip to Guatemala.  As a dad I am proud of her determination and I honor her calling to do mission work but at the end of the day, being a dad, dropping your daughter off to travel is a mission of faith all its own.  I actually have a fair amount of peace as a dad, loosing control, and literally sending my daughter out into the world.  She was very excited and I am a little worried and miss her already.  If you know Olivia you know she is very independent, smart, and when she sets her mind to a task she gets it done.  Such is the case with the matter of a mission trip.  She has been pushing her mom and I to help her select a mission trip for about 2 years now.  Olivia has worked very hard saving money and working fundraisers to make this trip happen.  I can tell you that she is thankful for the contributions of our church and all those who have helped her get to this point.  I am glad to do my little part to make sure she can go.

Olivia will have limited internet resources while she is in Guatemala and probably limited time, but I hope she can text me photos and a short description from time to time I can share.  She should be back with us in about 10 days.  Please keep her and her friends and support team in this mission field in your prayers as the do the Lord’s work.


Edward Robinson is a Steward at Lighthouse Fellowship. He is also a father, husband, and stumbling but persistent follower of Christ.