Morning Thoughts – Tears


Have you ever shed tears for a loved one who is either an unbeliever
or has walked away from God? Perhaps you have a son or daughter
who has given themselves over to sin and have not followed what
they were taught in your home and under your direction. Your heart
aches and you have cried out to God many times. He has heard your
cries and has seen your tears. He has a promise for you.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Jeremiah wrote, “Thus saith the Lord; Refrain
thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears: for thy work shall be
rewarded, saith the Lord; and they shall come again from the land of the
enemy.” Jeremiah 31:16 (KJV)

Today, be encouraged and rest in the promises of God’s word.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing.
Remember God Loves You and I Do Too.
Mom, Sharan, Granny

Jesus is coming – be an overcomer!

Sharan Robinson

I'm a retired Registered Nurse, who has a love for Jesus and for sharing His word. My passion is for the Lost to Know Him as Savior and Lord. I have been writing my Morning Thoughts now each morning for a couple of years. I hope God will use them to Bless you and others with His Word.