Grace Like Rain

As I’ve mentioned before, I spent the last 3 years living in Boise, ID.  Boise does not get a lot of rain.  Boise is a high-desert climate and does not get much rain.  The average rainfall is 12 inches per year.  If you look at the Harris Country Flood Warning website you can see that this area averaged about 8 inches of rain in just the past 3 days.  There is a big difference in rainfall from here to Idaho.

But I love the rain and have been enjoying watching and listening to it these past few days.  It got me thinking about this (older) song by Chris Tomlin today:

Remember that God’s grace is falling down on you like rain every day!  Much more than 8 inches a week.  God’s grace is washing you clean each and every day.  Isn’t that a glorious thing?!  Praise God whose grace washes us clean each and every day so that we can be made clean.

– Jacob Newton